OriginTrail Club Expansion

Authors: OriginTrail Club Contributors: Amos, BRX, LuKu, Hottogo Version: 1 Date: Dec 16, 2022


Since the founding of OriginTrail Club, we have faced numerous challenges and setbacks due to external factors impacting the market. These unforeseeable circumstances have delayed our progress. After witnessing the mainnet launch of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph V6, we are excited to announce the expansion of OriginTrail Club with the addition of new core members and a set of fresh objectives.


OriginTrail Club will lay the first foundational bricks towards our mission to build an accessible and open-source knowledge hub for and by the community where they can connect, collaborate, contribute and learn all things OriginTrail. We are focused on building out an open-source and future-proof infrastructure, tooling, and guidelines & processes for easy community contribution. The OriginTrail Club organization is nonprofit and all donations and funds are reinvested into promoting content creation, exposure and marketing purposes.

OriginTrail Club Administration

One of the proposed changes is the selection of new OTC administrators. In addition to reviewing proposals and working on their own personal projects, these admins will have specific roles and responsibilities within OTC. For more information, please see the Community Hub Proposal.

The new roster of OTC admins are as follows:

Chairman (temporary): Amos
Head of Marketing: K’walla
Web Designer: Javier
Lead Programmer: CosmiCloud
Node Jesus: Calvin
Quality Control: Hottogo, Milian
Community relations and support: BRX, LuKu
The current board of admins has been carefully chosen based on their past contributions to OriginTrail, their involvement in the community, and their potential to support the future growth of OTC. If you believe you have skills or ideas that could benefit OTC, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We welcome any feedback or concerns you may have about the current board of admins.

OriginTrail Deepdive

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our community resources: OriginTrail Deepdive, founded by K'walla and BRX. This tool has provided an introduction to OriginTrail for new users and has also assisted community members during the various testnet phases of DKG V6, the teleportation process, and the OTP claiming process. We look forward to working with K'walla and BRX to increase the visibility of OriginTrail Deepdive and, in turn, raise awareness of OriginTrail within the broader crypto community.

OriginTrail Club Community

As we work to increase the exposure of OriginTrail in the retail market, we welcome any feedback or expertise from community members that can help our core team at OriginTrail Club. We are open to proposals from all community members and encourage you to share your concerns, opinions, and ideas. If you have an idea for a project that would contribute to the awareness, engagement, and understanding of the OriginTrail protocol within the wider crypto ecosystem, you are welcome to submit a detailed proposal. Our team of OTC admins will review and vote on all submissions.

Community Treasury

With the community treasury we can fund our own marketing efforts and all other avenues we as a community would like to pursue. A multi-sign wallet for community initiatives and core development activities held by a select few OTC admins is in place and a majority vote is required to pass any transactions.

Multi-sign key holders:

Amos, LuKu, BRX and Kirk

Recent activity:

0.1868 ETH has been donated to OriginTrail Deepdive (250$ at time of transaction)

Current treasury:

0.16 ETH
2875 TRAC
468.25 USDT
262.95 xDAI
290 TRAC
225 USDC
34.86 MATIC
This section will be included in every proposal going forward to show the balance of the Community Treasury.


Going forward, OriginTrail Club aims to become a more central representative of the OriginTrail community, particularly during OTP governance and voting. In addition, the club seeks to act as a representative of the OT community when engaging with other communities on other parachains. To achieve these goals, OriginTrail Club will prioritize the same core pillars of neutrality, usability, and inclusiveness.
As part of its long-term plan, OriginTrail Club is working towards becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is owned and governed by the community. This means that the project will be run by a decentralized network of participants, rather than a central authority. The aim of this transformation is to create a more equitable, decentralized, and efficient system that gives the community a greater say in decision-making and the direction of the project. The scope of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph is vast, and the club hopes to build a community-led system that is up to the task.
To further these goals, OriginTrail Club has several initiatives in mind, including running a community node where TRAC holders can stake and use some of the rewards to fund advertising, becoming an OTP collator for OTP holders to stake and use some of the rewards to fund advertising, and hosting marketing events with prizes for winners.


Overall, the club is committed to bringing the OriginTrail community together towards a shared goal and representing the interests of the community as transparently as possible. To this end, it will use Proposals to communicate important changes and decisions to the community and encourage all members to provide feedback. The club will continue to update the community through Twitter and its Telegram channel.

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