August 2022

August 31, 2022: Project Magnify
  • Project Magnify is officially in closed beta for DKG V6 testnet participants (bounty program 50k TRAC and 50k OTP)
  • Participants can now publish assets directly on the frontend web interface using test TRAC and test OTP
  • The team is actively taking questions and helping the community with the Magnify interface on Discord
  • The first iteration of Project Magnify will focus on helping Web3 users create search results (DKG assets) and interacting directly with DKG Nodes and OriginTrail Parachain via the DKG-client (dkg.js)
  • DKG v6 is splitting responsibilities between the clients and the node runners. You don't need to run a node in order to publish (create assets) anymore - you can rather connect to the RPC of a node in the network (similar to how blockchains work)
  • Bulk publishing will be a feature to come later on for NFT creators and such
August 19, 2022: DKG V6 Testnet Stage 2
  • Increased the amount of TRAC (+added OTP) for bounty program, totaling 350k TRAC and 50k OTP
  • Bounty Program officially confirmed to end when V6 hits mainnet
  • V6 testnet node runners can now wipe their servers and reinstall a stage 2 node using these instructions.
  • Mapping EVM and Substrate accounts now available through this interface
August 18, 2022: TRAC Teleportation
  • Teleportation Batch #1 (10M TRAC) completely filled up within 1 hour
  • OTP is now EVM compatible and supports hardware wallets (Ledger)
  • Two addresses can be used on OTP, EVM transactions (with an Ethereum wallet) and Substrate transactions (with Polkadot wallet)
  • Teleported TRAC can be used by:
    • Asset Publishers to mint their own Web3 UALs for search results, native NFTs, social profile and to magnify their search performance
    • Token Holders to delegate to DKG nodes, delegate OTP to parachain collators, and provide liquidity to the new native TRAC-OTP AMM Liquidity pool
    • System runners to run DKG v6 nodes, run OTP collators, build applications with the DKG and UALs with SDKs
    • Asset consumers to search Web3 for verifiable assets - social media posts, art, NFTs and real world assets published on the DKG and purchase UALs and own their linked assets

August 16, 2022: Twitter Space

  • DKG Mainnet Launch on September 8, 2022 after the completion of the first TRAC Teleportation Batch
  • DKG BETA Stage 2 and Magnify Project begin August 19
  • DKG V6 is enterprise ready with interest of new enterprises we haven't heard before