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OriginTrail x Acala

As of Nov. 19th, 2021, one day after Acala won the first Polkadot auction parachain ever, OriginTrail and Acala announced a partnership by integrating the Decentralized Knowledge Graph on Acala, allowing physical and digital assets within the DKG to be queryable and indexable among other things. Branimir, co-Founder of OriginTrail and CTO, alongside Dan Reecer, Acala VP of Growth, discuss what a DKG is, and how Acala ecosystem developers will leverage it.
In a nutshell, the integration goes two ways. First, Acala will become another chain OriginTrail extends to, making the DKG accessible. Second, the rest of Polkadot’s ecosystem as well as anyone using Acala will get access to the DKG to query and publish data to it.