BSI Healthcare - MMSC

The Multi-Modal Compliance and Standards (MMCS) program is providing a consensus-based foundation on which to build the common GDP standards for safe and compliant transportation of pharmaceuticals
As mentioned earlier, BSI is using OriginTrail’s Decentralized Knowledge Graph exclusively as a solution to their supply chain management. We have showcased the case study on donated medicines and vaccines above, and now we are presented with this new collaboration with the objective of bringing greater quality and certainty to the global logistic distribution of medicines and vaccines. The presentation above is well worth the watch not only for the information it contains but also for people to see the seriousness and professionalism presented. This presentation was held in June 2021 and has now reached its completion phase. BSI and Poseidon will be launching the MMSC solution during another conference in 2022. 90% of the attendees, global giants of pharma and pharma logistics, were very interested in the MMSC solution.
Below is a small summary of the development:
BSI and Poseidon will bring their joint resources and expertise together to develop and execute a Multi-modal Compliance and Standards (MMCS) program to help promote, monitor and assess adherence to the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) regulations that underpin global pharmaceutical logistics. The development of standards and the furtherance of assessment and training will form part of the program scope. According to Angus Metcalfe, BSI’s Managing Director, Global Healthcare: “The entire pharma-logistics industry stands to gain from this joined-up initiative which will reduce compliance costs, extract more value from logistics and lead to greater process and technical harmonization. It has the potential to be a ‘game-changer’ for raising standards”.
Dan Purtell, Director of Innovation at BSI, spoke about OriginTrail:
“BSI has become better and more digital over the last few years and accepted that we can’t do everything ourselves – we need to secure the right strategic partnerships,” he says. “For example, blockchain is at the core of how we can bring trust to our client’s supply chain through enhanced visibility and traceability. We’ve been executing practical use cases in supply chains and issuing digital certificates with our partner, Trace Labs (Core developers of OriginTrail DKG). Transparency is trust, and with a growing deficit of supply chain and credential trust, blockchain technology remains an exciting part of our roadmap.”