BSI Healthcare – AidTrust

Produced in partnership by BSI and Trace Labs, AidTrust brings visibility and trust to the distribution of donated medicines in the healthcare supply chain

Courtney Soulsby

Global Director, Healthcare, British Standard Institution (BSI)
Our Healthcare sector team is working closely with our strategic partner - Trace Labs - to offer the end to end data management, through a decentralized knowledge graph - allowing all supply chain systems (audit management, diversion, track and trace, product traceability, planning and logistics operations) to be linked into one data management hub - for dashboard macro views.
We have FINALLY worked out a neutral way to link all internal supply chain systems to drive data, analytics, and ultimately, visibility. Read further details in linked article (source)
Together with the British Standards Institution (BSI), Trace Labs, the core developers of the OriginTrail, has launched AidTrust to bring trust, transparency, and reliability to the global pharmaceutical industry. Using the OriginTrail DKG and industry best practice, AidTrust ensures end-to-end traceability for donated medicines and vaccines whilst retaining data integrity and security.
“BSI, supported by strategic partner TraceLabs, implemented a data management hub based on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) and underlying blockchains, powering a solution that enables product authentication, tracks patient utilization, and highlights any diversion or waste issues.” This case study is currently underway in India.
“98% of Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Clients partner with BSI to mitigate risk and protect Brand Reputation“. source
Preliminary conclusions are very positive and you can see BSI discussing the case study with their partners in the video below. This video is strongly recommended if you are interested in the application of OriginTrail in the supply chain mangement of the healthcare sector. Note that not a single member of the OriginTrail team is presenting in that video. You are seeing BSI members David Fairnie, Paul Raw and Georgios Ampartzidis from WFH discussing the use case of OriginTrail.
The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is a Humanitarian Aid Program that processes donations to over 22,000 patients to date to allow them to cope with Hemophilia in daily life. All donations and shipments need to respect GDP making sure that donated products are safe to be used with maximum efficiency. This is where OriginTrail open source protocol comes in (precisely at 9:55 from the video above for more details).
“OriginTrail provides secure data exchange across supply chain networks, high level of integrity and trust, decentralized network that enables data scalability and flexibility, utilizes global standards, enables data operability and linked data that truly provides an end-to-end view. Its secured, structured and linked data then serves as a powerful base for a variety of business applications such as validation of certification, compliance checks, track and trace, etc.“
If you want a summary of this project, community member IOTB posted a great Twitter thread:
There are currently two global pharmaceutical companies and one NGO participating in the case study utilizing the BSI / Trace labs joint solution (see case study link above). Community member guinnessstache managed to TRAC down one of the big Pharma currently using the ODN.
BSI and Courtney Soulsby, Senior Development Director for Healthcare at BSI, were invited by Corvus Global Events to present their AidTrust solution on March 15th 2022 in an “Exclusive Presentation“. The attendees of this conference, Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2022, were none other than most Pharma giants of the world. Here are some highlights from Courtney Soulsby presenting on Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2022