British Standards Institution, national standards body of the United Kingdom
BSI is one of the most serious standardization organizations that consult roughly 84,000 clients in 193 countries. They are the creme de la creme within their segment and they consult both companies and governments to create solutions to mitigate risk, brand protection, and compliance - just to name a few. Right now, they rely heavily on the solutions made possible by OriginTrail.
BSI has partnered with OriginTrail exclusively to solve some of the major hurdles that their clients experience in supply chains. Back in December of 2020, OriginTrail held a 4-hour Liftoff event where BSI, Oracle, and SBB (Swiss Railways) were showcasing their work and solutions they were building utilizing the ODN.
OriginTrail Liftoff Event
You can watch the Liftoff segment with Dan Purtell, Director of Innovations at BSI directly here. The solution being presented is for BSI’s SCAN members in the US, who represent 40% of ALL US imports each year. These companies must ensure that the products they import are from compliant factories outside of the US. Dan Purtell explains the entire process and its importance in the link attached above.
SCAN members in the USA
In June 2020, BSI released a detailed write-up on the use of Blockchain-based solutions to fight counterfeit products and false claims. Trace labs and the ODN (OriginTrail Decentralized Network) is mentioned as the solution throughout the article.
Bono, from U2, who is a co-owner of a distillery called Monasterevin, hired BSI to consult them on a solution to ensure the authenticity of their products. You can read about the story here.
Dan also mentions a solution they are creating for the UK government, which we now know is Trusted Bytes. This is a solution to ensure the digitization of the UK’s fresh produce and supply chains:
“BSI will leverage various open international best practice frameworks around supply chain data management, trust, and interoperability within the Trusted Bytes initiative. These include GS1/EPCIS, W3C DIDs, and verifiable credentials, ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships, and the open OriginTrail decentralized protocol stack (
“providing seamless real-time digital connectivity to supply chain operators. It will also enable a trusted data exchange that connects the supply chain with central government and other critical partners enhancing cross border transition, compliance and security.“