OriginTrail V6

The OriginTrail DKG v6 is the newest version of OriginTrail, which introduces various improvements to the existing OriginTrail DKG
Branimir Rakić, Co-Founder and CTO, said:
Previous versions of OriginTrail (up to including v5) have made it possible for all groups of users (enterprises, government sector, Web3 builders etc.) to connect and verify information thanks to the semantic and linked data technology intertwined with the multi-chain blockchain layer. The v6 now magnifies by a magnitude of 500x both the scale and the scope of capabilities given to DKG users as they transform data publishings into the omniverse of assets they will now be able to grow in value. source
As of December 15, 2022 the OriginTrail DKG V6 is officially launched on mainnet on OriginTrail Parachain. Check the video below for the lengthy launch video for a good dive into what's to come!

This section ties into the Official DKG Docs by the Origintrail core developer team and therefore, will not be elaborated here to avoid redundancies.

This concludes the deep dive session.

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