Why is this solution needed ?

Take a quick look around your home or office

We know very little about the provenance of objects we interact with on a day-to-day basis. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the devices you use, the products you apply on your body, none of them are really known to you as a consumer. Where was it made? How was it made? How was it transported? Can I trust the company? The fact that you know very little information is just one of the signs that supply chains have very limited ability to share data. The lack of data availability to consumers also stems from the inability of manufacturers to collect them through the supply chains. Value is created when a manufacturer is able to prove to consumers a counterfeint from their real product. Governments also want to maintain a high standard of food safety, certification and transportation.
Supply chain data is becoming increasingly fragmented and there is no suitable decentralized solution for supply chain with the needed level of performance, scalability, trust and cost-effectiveness.

OriginTrail protocol was designed purposefully to make supply chains transparent, collaborative, fair and more resilient by using well established industry standards from GS1 (Barcode inventor), allowing all supply chain stakeholders to securely share their data while keeping sensitive data fully encrypted, ensuring compatibility among all legacy systems and remaining fully neutral to decentralize trust in supply chains.

Solving Supply Chain Issues

One of the earliest use cases of OriginTrail is being a supply chain protocol by addressing trust and transparency issues in global supply chain management. Current supply chains are plagued by the “one step down, one step up” traceability principle, preventing supply chain participants to verify each steps of the supply chain. OriginTrail is a unique protocol allowing multiple parties in complex supply chains to set up blockchain supported data sharing in multi-organizational environment. By verifying that participants meet specific conditions at each step of the supply chain, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers benefit from an immutable ledger of real-world data. By improving the integrity and traceability of a supply chain data and allowing for data exchange, the ODN also drives efficiencies for stakeholders, turning a supply chain expense into a revenue stream.
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All supply chain data on a immutable ledger tells the story of the life cycle of a product. The history of each step including manufacturing, distribution and transportation becomes completely transparent to the end user.
OriginTrail has been built to take advantage of globally recognized GS1 and W3C standards. This allows for efficient alignment of data from multiple sources, including both legacy systems and newer blockchain-powered systems. This data could be anything: tracking and tracing data, Internet-of-Things (IoT) data, descriptive attributes, etc. Once data is aligned, consensus checks to verify datasets from different stakeholders can take place; additionally, auditing via compliance organizations can be authorized automatically. Due to the sensitive nature of many supply chain and business use cases, the ODN is designed to provide a Zero-Knowledge proof method to prove data validity.
With all this in mind, the OriginTrail Decentralized Network overcomes a significant barrier to centralized blockchain solutions: keeping trust between all parties on the network.

Now take a look at your social media platform and Google search history

It is very likely that you do not know how your personal data is handled on the apps you use on a day-to-day basis. In exchange for using a "free" service such as Google, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook you are giving up your valuable data. When you post a photo or write about your interests online, it all goes to the platform's database, strengthens it, and then exposes you to personalized ads.
Personal data collection, tracking and sales by tech companies are becoming increasingly prevalent at the expense of privacy, ownership and freedom.
OriginTrail has since evolved from being a supply chain only protocol to becoming the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG). Not only can OriginTrail help streamline supply chains through an open source protocol with the core values of neutrality, inclusiveness and usability, it can now allow valuable data to be exchanged in a permissionless, trusted and secure manner, while all parties retain sovereignty over ownership of their data.

OriginTrail now allows for a scalable, trusted and secure way to share information between all network participants – it is the knowledge graph of all knowledge graphs (such as Google, Amazon, Facebook). The Decentralized Knowledge Graph is the portal for Web2 companies to join the Semantic Web. It is the backbone of data connectivity for Web3, allowing all individuals to be fully in control of their data.

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