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Below is the complete list of threads IOTB wrote about OriginTrail


OriginTrail announced a new token for the parachain and the initial community response was controversial. However, IOTB explains the reason why a dual token tokenomics for OriginTrail is beneficial and required. This is a very important part to understand moving forward.

OriginTrail V6 Implications

This Tweet thread covers the rollout of OriginTrail V6, a huge step forward towards the Semantic Web 3. The leap from V5 to V6 is a 100-fold efficiency gain according to the team. The following topics are covered:
  • Web 3 Assets
  • Universal Asset Locators
  • Asset Keyword Search
  • Technical Improvements
  • Native Support for EPCIS 2.0 (GS1 Standards)
  • Major updates to OT node libraries
  • New Software Development Kits
  • New API
  • New Tokenomics
  • Polkadot Integration
  • Rollout plan

2021 Year in Review (long)

IOTB covers major milestones that happened with OriginTrail (TRAC) in 2021 with a very thorough 37 tweet thread. This is a must read for all those seeking the 2021 highlight reel and who do not wish to dive in deeper.

ONTOCHAIN integration

This Tweet thread covers the integration of OriginTrail’s Decentralized & Scalable Knowledge Graph Economy Tools into Ontochain as part of the NGI4eu initiative. The points below are explained:

BSI AidTrust program

The British Standard Institution launched the AidTrust program which ensures the quality, traceability and transparency of large scale medicine distribution. It will be using OriginTrail’s Decentraliked Knowledge Graph to track and trace all medecine and to make sure they reach their intended patients. This is one of the most important story of adoption of Blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

The bridge from Web 2 and Web 3

This was a festive AMA during Christmas 2021 in preparation of the V6 beta launch. The team spoke about the DKG (Decentralized Knowledge Graph), added functionalities, network effects and the foundation of Web 3.

OriginTrail and NFTs

This Twitter thread discusses the current challenges faced by NFTs and how OriginTrail’s techology can provide more utility to NFTs, making them discoverable, verifiable and valuable. This thread is a must read for all NFT enthusiasts. This section can get quite technical so @ChillZoneInt’s explainer video is a must watch as well.

British Standard Institution (BSI)

Dan Purtell, Director of Innovation at @BSI_UK, officially joins OriginTrail as an advisor and this Twitter thread summarizes the importance of BSI and the global adoption of OriginTrail.

OriginTrail Tokenomics upgrades

This small Twitter thread explains the added benefits of the TRAC token as OriginTrail steps forward into the Web 3 space.

OriginTrail Roadmap 2021-2023 upgrade

OriginTrail has “rebranded” from a supply chain track and trace solution to a the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph. This ambitious move resulted in a complete revamp of the roadmap, dividing it into 3 important phases. This summary is a must read to fully understand the purpose of OriginTrail going forward, and how it will link Web 2 assets to the semantic Web 3.

OriginTrail, Substrate_io, Parity Tech (Polkadot)

This Twitter thread explains the implication of OriginTrail’s Decentralized Knowledge Graph in the Substrate codebase both Polkadot and Kusama share. Trace Labs, the OriginTrail team, and Parity Technologies, the team behind Polkadot, have been working together for over a year to integrate the DKG into the entire ecosystem, serving as a direct data bridge between apps and protocols runinng on Polkadot and Kusama.
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